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molting problems Blaberus giganteus


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I have some egg carton material leaning up on the sides of the tub for them to climb on.

This wing formation is most common when conditions are too dry so try to up the humidity. I have also seen this occur when they are not fed enough variety in thier diet but dry cat or fish foods only. This may or may not be coincedence.

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Hi Matt K,

I think they get enough different feed I give them standard dry feed (cruched dog feed) and every 2 day's a other fresh fruit like :




so I think this must enough for them

That seems to be the similar diet to what I feed mine so I would agree. I also toss in on occasion the odd veg or fruit.

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Mine had the same issue and they had plenty of vertical space, great humidity, and excellent nutrition. Half the time it was from a another roach walking by them and brushing past the soft wings before they hardened. Mine had the same issue, but lived a long life and was still able to fly, as a matter of fact it's my avatar.

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