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Cave Crickets!! Newly Hatched


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You have them in South Wisconsin? Everything I've read indicates they do not range this far north. Zephyr told me he saw one in the Detroit area as well. I live in NorthWest Indiana (on the IL/Chicago Border) and have never seen one or ever heard of anyone seeing one here.

I had mine brought up from the southern tip of IL.

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I do indeed...I was quite surprised but in a oh cool a new pet sort of a way....I'm sure I will be seeing more...If I can catch a bunch...would you want them?


Currently the group I have seems to be doing well and I'm getting lots of eggs. So I'm happy with the amount I have. If something happens and I lose my group I will definitely be looking for more.

You should catch some and keep them, they are really interesting!


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How does one keep them? I have never kept crickets of any kind, so any advice is appreciated.

I have them in a large kritter keeper (I've only got 6 or 7 crickets). Paper towel on the bottom, vertical egg crates to provide hiding places. A milk jug cap for a water dish, and another lid to keep a bit of fish food in. In addition to the fish food I give them apple, pear, carrot, grapes, salad mix, ect.. whatever I happen to be feeding that day.

I recently threw some oak leaves in to see if they would eat them, but they don't seem to have touched them at all.

For the eggs I keep a small cup of damp dirt in their enclosure, and every other day or so I dump the soil and eggs into a deli cup and give them fresh dirt to lay more in.

I'm keeping them and the eggs at room temp.

Edit: I forgot to say I also mist them each day

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We have tones of these down here, really if anyone is interested in them (wild caught) let me know. I can have the Fiance grab a bunch. We mostly find them in our storage unit but they were in the last place we lived. Honestly I really am not a fan of Crickets of any sort. For some reason they just creep me out. It might be with the cave crickets though that the first time I had ever seen them was when we had just moved into our last place.

I had crawled into bed and was have asleep when I felt something crawling on me. I told my fiance that I thought something was in the bed he told me it was my imagination and promptly rolled back over and started snoring...some help huh. Well I convinced myself it was my imagination as well and tried to sleep. When I felt it for the first time I turn on the light and pulled all the covers off the bed...sure enough there was the damned thing under my pillow...

My response was what the f is that.

Now for someone who at one point had an intense fear of everything creepy crawly...I grew out of it...cept for the spiders...no spiders that was some creepy stuff. But now I'm over it cause their everywhere. Oh well you live you learn.

I'm located in Eastern Tennessee btw, so I don't know what species they are.

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Heh, sweet! Cave crickets are very interesting and not noisy like others. I bred them a year or so back, but the last male nymph died of a bad molt, so I was left with just females. They seem a little cannibalistic sometimes. I don't have a clue what yours are, I raised Ceuthophilus sp.

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