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Gyna lurida


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I brought a tub of these a couple of days ago which arrived the very next day :lol:

I've wanted these roaches for some time now and when i brought a tub i was expecting like 6 or 8 nymphs, so i got a tub with 60 or 80 nymphs and adults alike :blink:

They were even more amazing in real life however they run real fast, climb plastic, and fly...well :|

Needless to say i need to drastically cut the number down a lot :(

On their own however they are very nice roachs, real nice shades of colour on them aswell ad the amazing patterns on the nymphs and the nicely shaped wings on them :)

Im really impressed with this species :D

Adult female





Adult male



Young nymph



Adult female



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Thanks :D

Well i havent got a yellow but i think ive got the next best thing, this female shocked me when her colour developed, never seen or heard of this morph before :D

The colours really like that in real life, maybe better :)

I get those regularly. They are associated with the yellow form somehow. That being the case, I would think Orin has those too. A great while back I may have psoted in the photo section a few of my yellows and maybe a rainbow.

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