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Our New Website


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Hey guys, how's everybody!

Just wanted to tell everybody that I have joined with other family members,

My sister, and my neice to build a new website.


It will be published this monday.

Mind you i don't have all the critters on there yet, but call it a work in progress.

One half will deal with Roaches and other Invertebrates,

And the other bearded dragons and other reptiles.

As you may guess i will be running the roaches and other inverts part of it.

Oh and my neice was given creative liscence to design the website,

So don't be too hard on us on that aspect.

Afterall its all about the critters and service, right?

I apologise to all who thought i fell of the face of the earth, well i guess i kinda did for a while!

Hopefully Orin is happy now, since he's been pestering me to death for the last 5 years to do this.

Thanks Orin i needed that!!

I'm glad to be back home here, wish us luck!!

We will need it!


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The website it up and running.


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The website looks nice and I hope you do well. I did notice a few name issues like oblongonota with a 'd' but I'm sure it's a work in progress.

Looks very nice. I like how its organized. Do you happen to have pictures of the Hemiblaberae brunneus? I haven't heard of that one before.


They're Hemiblabera tenebricosa, I told him the ones he saw on a European website as "brunneus" or some similar spelling I did not see were probably a different labeling of the same animals. There's no such species. The only thing close is spelled a bit differently and comes from a taxonomist's name.

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Whoops! Sorry for the confusion.


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