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Jet-Black Blaberus fusca!


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While sorting roaches today I found this absolutely stunning and perplexing all-black male B. fusca! To my knowledge my line is pure; They originated from Orin McMonigle and then exchanged to James Tuttle from Blaberus.com. This one is from the second or third generation of my culture; none of the starting stock looked anything like this.

Although I did consider hybridization when I first saw it, the body is far too elongate and the tegminal margins resemble those of light B. fusca.

Thoughts, comments, questions, concerns?


The standard coloration in the colony:



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Could this be diet related? The generation that one grew up from received more carrots and apples than their parents did.

*Edit- I'd also like to add that when the male's wings are spread apart and viewed they resemble the darker female in the first group pic.

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My 2 cents: Did you check for those hairs on the wings that B. craniifer has? I don't know if they are exclusive to craniifer (thought I read it somewhere), but it might be worth a look.

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It could VERY easily have been a B.craniifer nymph got into the mix along the way, and that's what that is...... no question in my mind.

I would love to go that route but the body is far too "fusca"-like. I'd bet it was wayyyy wayyyyyyy back if at all.

Coincidentally I've noticed that my "Blaberus peruvianus" males don't have this kind of wing color variation; they have the small B. giganteus-like smudge on their wings but the bands on the "shoulders" of the elytra don't touch or connect to it.

Maybe someone mistook "B. peruvianus" for B. fusca and mixed them a while back.

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Here's a pic of some of the starter stock:

<img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/2hzp9g5.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

on the bottom of the picture there is a weird thing on the egg crate that looks like a jack-o-lantern face

is that a B.cranifer thorax??

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