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Heating 45 Gallon Container?


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Figured I would start a new thread. I got my roaches this week, around 1k females and some males.

I've got them in a closet, the temp was 73 last night when I checked, put a lamp on to heat the room up a little. (I didn't want to leave it on over night), brought it up high 70's. It ranges from high 70's low 80's in the day once I put the lamp on for a little bit.

I cut a whole into the lid and hot glued a metal screen for ventilation. I'd like to have a infrared light resting on there, but am unsure what to buy?

I've been told that undertank heating pads will NOT melt the tub? but I'm kinda unsure about that...

What would be the best way for me to heat a 45gallon container? I think the bulb would spread heat better than the heating pad?

- Cliff

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I don't know if you can get this link, but this is somewhat on the same basis of what I use to heat my tubs.

They are safe for plastic, as they go under the little plastic greenhouses for plants.

I buy mine at Menards, and they had 10x20 inch for 20 dollars, and a 20x20 for 24.00

They work perfect for heating substrate and I use them all the time. I feel they are much safer than heating pads.

I like this one from the link, as you can get it to size! :) Not bad pricing either. Hope you can get the link, if not,try to search "Heat-Sprout Seedling Heat Mat Germination" in Ebay

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It doesn't get very cold here in Hong Kong usually, but we do get a few days of sub 10C temperature every now and then. For those few days, I just put my betta tanks into a closet, and move my computer and external HDs in there.

But for a tank this size, put one of those ceramic heat lamp inside?

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I too am wanting to heat a 45 gallon Sterilite container. I bought an Ultratherm heat pad (11 x 17) and hooked it up to a thermostat (just in case). I have the thermostat at 97 degrees and the heat pad is taped to the underside of the container. I used the aluminum adhesive tape. I just go it today and have had it connected and running for about six hours. I read that the Ultratherms don't get much hotter than about 27 degrees above the room temperature. I am keeping this in my basement which has a room temperature of about 68-70 degrees and about 55% humidity. I just checked on the heat pad and it is warm but not hot and the little thermometer that is inside the tub is reading only about 72 degrees. Not much improvement. Does this pad need several more hours (or a day) to truly reach its high end or is this what I can expect from such a pad?

Any information, suggestions or just plain know-how would be greatly appreciated.

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heat pads or heat tap should work out nicely.I use a heat pad on my roaches when we rarely have cold weather.I had to use one superisely 4 monthes one year.But it usually stays pretty hot in the ms

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