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A nice gift. : )


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My husband bought me a Pandinus imperator last night. I had been looking at the price of this creature for over a week, and it wasn't being sold. When I told my husband about it he said he wanted to buy it for me. I think he is coming around a little, because he doesn't usually care for my hobby much. :D

A female Emperor was my first invertabrate pet around 10 years ago.
She didn't last too long, and I am now sure that part of the problem was my lack of knowledge on their care.
I won't be making that mistake again, I have done and am still doing my homework this time.

I saw this scorpion trying to climb in the container, and was amazed by how strange and different the anatomy is to my other creatures. :o

Every time I study a new creature, I learn a few new things. I just love my hobby.
I don't think that I will be bored with invertabrates for a very long time, if ever.

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A pair of emps were my first pet inverts. They are what or me into the hobby and are great pets. However they do tend to hide for extended periods of time, that's my only complaint, otherwise awesome scorpions to have.

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I made a hide for mine, and he hasn't used it yet. Actually, I only halfway made it, so he can feel like he made it, if he ever does. I used a section of a cup holder from McDonalds, cut an entrance, placed it on the coco fiber substrate, and then covered it with more coco fiber. Now he just hangs out on the top, moving around the substrate, and partially uncovering the ugly piece of cupholder. :lol:

I can't believe how gentle he is.
When I tried to feed him a cricket, I used a chopstick to coax the cricket to him and it was just sitting beetween his claws and not moving so I stuck the chopstick there to get the cricket to move. He very gently and lightly used his claws to move the chopstick out of his face, he was like, "Not now honey, I'm not in the mood".
He is very alert and looks like he is threatening at all movement around him, so I was surprised at the gentle contact.
I am starting to get attached already.
If only he would eat something soon.

Btw, is it bad to use the cupholder thing for scorpions? I use them mainly for roaches to hide, but they seem to be very different creatures from scorpions. Any advice on the care of the scorpion will be welcomed. :)

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I wouldn't worry about it not eating. They will go all garbage truck on you one day and then not eat for a month. I've had roaches die of old age in my tank many times. My pair eat an adult discoid each every few months on average but I leave a live one in the tank at all times just in case. I know people say not to do that because it stresses them out but ive never noticed any behavior change from me doing so. I've been doing it for like 4-5 years without issue.

As for using tongs, for feeding it's not an issue at all. I however would not pick up your scorpion/tail it with them. You have the potential to injure them that way. On a side note I would like to mention some emps can swing around and pinch you while tailed, it's a strong pinch but not dangerous, if it happens do your best not to flail it across the room. :P.

Only one of mine can do that, my male, my female is too heavy and just kinda hangs there until placed in my hand. I do not handle my male because of him being rather aggressive and being able to swing around and pinch while tailed.

The cup holder will work as a very temporary hide. You will need to get something plastic or wood that it can hide and burrow under. The cup holder will mold and collapse in the humid conditions emps are kept in.

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I ended up handing him a mealworm with hemostats, I wouldn't have used them, but he was so gentle with the chopstick. I had a lizard bite the hemostats and she hurt her mouth, causing me to risk getting bit on the fingers everytime I hand fed her. <_< He took the mealworm ever so gently and put it in his mouth, holding it there for a while, I don't know if he actually ate it yet.

I don't think that I will be doing any tail grabbing unless I have to. My daughter and I handled him in the pet store, and he pinched the lady who worked there a couple of times.
He didn't want to go into that little slippery cup. After I set up his container, I let him walk on my hand so I could place him in his new home. I couldn't just dump him in, even though I am still a little nervous about being stung.

The cupholder will be gone soon because he doesn't seem to like it anyway.

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I put him in A 10 gallon aquarium last night. I designed it so he had a nice hiding place that I can still see into when I want. Using cocofiber I gave him a high side with a platform made from a clear plastic rectangle supported by a couple of cups that I cut to the desired height, then I covered the whole structure with coco fiber and blocked the entrance with the substrate so he could feel like he made the hiding spot. :lol: I also used some false plants. He actually took no time to dig his tunnel and started moving the plants around.

After he accomplished all that redecorating, he spent a couple of hours taking a walk but going nowhere.
He does alot of up against the glass activity, like he is trying to climb with his legs moving in one spot.

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My emp has never giving me any trouble. She even accepts kisses. Congrats a new baby :D:rolleyes::P

I know it has been a while for this thread but I can't help but wonder: Where on its body can you find a place to kiss a scorpion? :huh:

My daughter tries kiss all of our arthropod pets, :rolleyes: but mostly they try to get away or end up climbing on her face. :P

(I won't be letting her kiss anything venomous until she is 18, then she can kiss whatever she wants.) :lol:

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Emperor scorpions make great pets.I had the same thing happen with my frist one.I was getting false information from someone I thought I could trust.The next one I got lasted 8 years.I love the fact you can also keep them together.I think the cup holder should be fine.Just make sure your temps and humitdy is right.The molting thing is how i lost my frist one.Didn't have the humidty and temps rght while he was trying to molt.

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