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WC roaches for feeders?


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I have seen that some people use wild caught roaches to start up a colony of feeders. I wanted to try this but am worried about parasites being passed to my geckos. I have Blatta lateralis that live in my yard and am hoping to use these.

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I have done this with Pycnoscelus surinamensis, to feed mantids. I didn't have any problems, but mantids chew their food well and I just didn't worry so much about it.

With lizards, ova or parasites, (if there are any in the roaches) have a better chance of infecting because they won't be destroyed? :unsure:

Maybe someone knows of a way you can find out if the wild roaches have parasites, or how to rid a colony of them?

I would like to know myself. :D

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If you do use wild ones just do not feed them the wild ones and get the babies in a other bin so they will not catch anything from the wild caught ones.Just don't have wild roaches in the same room as pet ones r captive born feeders.I'd worry about them givin something to any other you may have

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