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Hissing behaviour of different species?

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Sorry, its me again with all these questions. This time is about hissing, I have a few species of hissers, and they kind of have different hissing behaviour. I'll list them out in order of loudness, and how often they do it.

1. Tiger Strip Hisser: They hiss a lot, and loud. Whenever you touch them, or sometimes even approach them.

2. Madagascar Hisser: A little harder to get them hiss, need to surprise them otherwise they won't. But when they do, its loud consider most of them aren't adults yet.

3. Black hisser: No idea what they are, since I have 6, and they all seems to have different shapes and small colour variation. They do hiss, though its very hard to get them to do so, and when they do, its not really hissing, you know they are trying to hiss, but all you hear is the sound of air being pushing out.

4. Dwarf Hisser: I have 7 of them, and they never hiss. They like jumping off my hand though... LOL

Is that normal for some of them never even try to hiss? And for the black ones, since they can't really hiss though they try, and their shapes and colour vary so much, do you guys think that its because their gene have been messed up so much from hybridizing to a point that its compromising their hissing ability?



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That sounds everyone is having different luck, I guess maybe it is because most colonies are decedents of just a very few individuals or even just a single pair, and their behaviour largely depends on genes inherent from those individuals. And that lead me to think that maybe my black variants have inherent some defective genes, that's why their hissing doesn't work. Thanks for all the answers.

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Talk about behaviour, I actually have a black individual that isn't afraid of me as much as others, when I try to pick him up, sometimes he wouldn't run away, but stand his ground. He would turn around and use his abdomen to push my finger away. Funny little creature... LOL

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