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Any hot lovers here?


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Ok so here are some old pics of a couple hot and not so hot snakes I used to work with back in the day.

Naja kaouthia


Crotalus durissus vegrandis


And my favorite arboreal snake other than oxybelis, Ahaetulla prasina


It was the first snake I have ever bred and wow were the babies cute and inqusitive.



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i don't own any true hots, i've been considering a sidewinder for several years and i field herp from time to time. i figure i'll know if i want to keep one when i find one.

i do have a few rear-fanged snakes, black mangroves x2 western hognosed snakes x4, and am very interested in getting more. those vine snakes are nice. have you had any problems with them? (i am aware that they are lizard eaters and that's fine)

postscript. pretty cobra. is it a leucistic or a leucistic/albino. just curious?

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With the vine snakes I had to feed them nothing but anoles, cuban tree frogs and greenhouse frogs I would catch from the yard. They would not take frozen thawed anything. I tried converting them but there so difficult. The adult male was 7 ft long and would take live baby quail from time to time "it took the poor thing 10 minutues to die."

The cobra was a leucistic, but to me no nicer than an albino.

And yes beaded lizards are on my list aswell their much nicer and larger than gilas.

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I have never had any interest in keeping hots, although I do wish to work with them some day, just not on a keeper level. But I do admire them and the lucy cobra and the green vines are beautiful, esp the green vines, very vibrant and big eyed. makes me grey banded king look boring lol

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I got rid of all mine when my daughter was born a few years ago, but still have a few photos. Most of mine were nearly the entire Agkistrodon complex, and then a few others:





...I'll have to dig around my old CD's to see where I stored other photos...

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Colorado Wont allow one to keep Hots without jumping through a TON of hoops with the DOW and a few other governmental agencies..Too bad too, Although my wife wouldnt allow me to have them with our son...She got pissed when I bought an Emperor Scorpion a few weeks ago LOL!

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The first photo I listed above is an A. taylori, which a long time ago was thought to be a subspecies of A.bilineatus but later found to be its own species within the genus.

These are some terrarium pics:





Alot of animals are/were kept in sweaterbox drawers if they were terrestrial. These are the only terrarium photos I have online... I think I have a few other decent ones on a CD around here somewhere.... now I have to go look!

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