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pdf copy of the cockroach bible

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I wonder if that was released since the book has been out a while or isn't supposed to be there? It is hosted on a French website that offers naturaly history book pdfs so it is probbly an authorized release. I know I should have bought that book when it came out but I didn't realize the whole thing was in black and white. I wonder how much it would cost me to take this to the printers and make myself a personal copy (assuming that's legal). I bet it would make more sense just to order a copy. Anyone want to trade for their old copy?

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Interesting, something else to know is that you can get it off of google books. At least I am fairly certain that is where my copy came from. Always my first stop when looking for texts, occasionally they are available as ebook downloads in pdf format for free - though perhaps not since google launched their ebook store.

As for Orin's question about the legality...almost certainly in the grey zone of just how far "fair use" can be stretched for personal use but the site linked above's presentation of it is likley in violation of the book's copyright. Cremm.es seems to be a digital library centered around natural history texts though, perhaps it would be covered under a "research" or "education" clause in the laws...doubtful though. Anyways - we should all be thankful that it has become available. :D

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I ordered this book a while ago and I'm happy to own it. The name "Cockroach Bible" is not exaggerated. It's a very good, detailed book for the roach enthusiast. Not much informationon that is helpful to keeping roaches, but rater to understand their behaivor and biology. Sadly, no detailed exterior anatomy drawings of the body and no no color photos.

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