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Glad to meet you all!

paul vern

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Hello there,

I'm a new member from Italy. English is not my mother tongue so please forgive my mistakes.

Anyway I currently breed just a bunch of roaches:

- Gromphadorhina portentosa

- Blaptica dubia

- Panchlora nivea

- Blaberus sp.

and some Euscorpius italicus

I'm also a begginer programmer and I'm currently trying to write a simulation of roaches behaviour. I'm currently updating my website in order to translate it to English so everything would be more understandable. Anyway, if someone is not afraid by ugly programming, ugly graphics and a mixed italian-english website just have a look at:

My site

You should be able to download the simulation.

And please after that tell me what you would like me to add to it and what you really don't like about it. And, of course, if someone of you want to help, it would be much appreciated.

Graphics and code refinement would be the most important tasks.

I've got also a very small shop at my website. Just have a look!

Best regards to everyone!

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Hi Paul and Welcome!

It's nice to see representation on the forum in Italy. I believe two hobbyists from Sweden joined last week and we have at least one member from the UK.

I visited your website, but I couldn't find the "simulation". Is this an animation? I'm curious to see it. I sold roaches to two universities that are working together to study roach locomotion. I had asked for a follow-up on the study, but never received any news. I might just go track them down right now. They had purchased B. discoidalis adults.

I also saw your cafepress store. Steven/Beetle-experience is also a member on the forum, here. He has a similar store. I actually have a CafePress store also, but I've only ever managed to sell one product through it. I'd be interested in hearing your experiences with your store.

Nice to meet you Paul!


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Hi Paul,

That was really neat. I downloaded and installed it and it didn't really take very long...couple minutes. My favorite part was being able to change the kind of roaches, though adding lots of roaches was fun too. The hissing was also cool.

How long did it take to create that?

Thanks for sharing!


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It's a very primitive simulation. Basically roaches just go randomly around. But I would like to add some sort of real (simulated?) behaviour in the next releases. The code itself took less than three hours of work. The animations (ok, you can't really call those ugly things 'animations') took much more.

I would gladly add other sounds if some of you has ever recorded them...

Thank you for the appreciation.

Now the site is a little bit IE 6 friendly but still doesn't work as it should.

However if you use Firefox, everything should be fine.

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