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top ten favorite pets


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1. madagascar hissing cockroach (have two adult females)

2. peppered roach (have one nypmh i love the little guy)

3. florida ivory millipede (have one)

4. sugar gliders (like flying squirrels my siblings have two of them)

5. domino roaches (always wanted one of those little guys)

6. giant cave roach (cannnot wait to get a few of these!!!!!)

7. rhino roach (kinda predictable this would come up)

8. golden knee tarantula (if my parents would let me!!!!)

9. large synapore blue tarantula (again if i was allowed)

10. velvet ant (i have always wanted one of these)

feel free to post your favorites. i want to see others results

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1. Leachianus Gecko

2. Crested Gecko

3. Elliptorhina javanica

4. Therea olegrandjeani

5. Blaberus colosseus

6. Archimandrita tesselata

7. Three Toed Box Turtle

8. Dumeril's Boa

9. Brazilian Rainbow Boa

10.Bearded Dragons

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These are mostly ones i want

1.Phanaeus vindex-colorful type of dung beetle

2.domino roaches

3.orange spot assassin bug

4.any tarantula

5.any whipscorpion

6.Hormetica subcincta ~ Glow Spot roach

7.any leaf bug

8.any stick insect

9.leafcutter ant colony with queen


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I no this is an old thread but hey.

Staffy (English as they don't have the infamous lockjaw)

Rotty - another with an undeserved rep.

African grey parrot - so clever! Really want 1

Roaches - big ones!

Bengal cats - wild but loyal

Smaller roaches

Chinchillas - very intelligent, fast, have soft fur, good size for a rodent.

Grerman shepherd dog - very loyal

Horses - big, beautiful, clever, relaxing to ride. Very individual personalities.

Other parrots/macaws - the colourful ones.

I'm not sure of the order lol.

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