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You might be a true hardcore roach wrangler if .........

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...... you are at a restaurant with your girlfriend, while waiting for your dinner, she catches you researching and looking at roach pictures on her iPad and says, " Ummm looking at roach pictures here probably not the best place. "

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...when you stop approaching columns of high school students to rescue nymphs cowering on the stairs.

...when you realize that you've developed the same thigmotactic tendencies your roaches have!

Mr. Crackerpants, I've had that happen with a young nymph whose container opened in my backpack! Fortunately it was much more discreet than a big male...

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...you have a tank of 20 dubias a foot away from your bed, in the tank, in a box and hidden from unsuspecting family members by a chest of drawers and the lid from the box, and are planning on getting 2 big hissers to put in there.

...if you're out @ work/school all day planning your next roach project.

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