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Peppered Roaches


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I have a couple questions about these before getting them...

Can both the males and females fly? Also can they break the skin w/the spikes on their legs?


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so the males tend to be more skittish than the females?

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Sorry for the late reply - I haven't been on roachforum for a long time... I have Peppered roaches and the gestation period is 6 months! Then you have to wait 9 months for the nymphs to mature into adults before they can continue the cycle. This is a species for very patient people :) But they are VERY gentle as others have mentioned and I find that the adults are much calmer than the nymphs, but no difference between the sexes as far as personality. They do not fly, but if you have a tall enclosure, when they start chasing each other around (usually around midnight- haha!) they can sometimes flutter from higher levels to lower levels.

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