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Will Flukers Cricket Food Sufice?


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Hi, i'm new here! I'm new to keeping Roaches, have been keeping mantids for a long time, but to save money, decided to try Roaches this year for the time being. I have about six right now. Domino, Australian, Lobster, 2 Hissing, and Harlequinn. Had a Glowspot but it escaped somehow. Anyways, I have some leftover flukers cricket food. You know, the brown powder stuff. I have a full container of it. I have been sprinkling it in the cage, but can't tell if they're actually eating it or not. SO I ask: Is that a good food choice? Do you think they're eating it? I can't tell, as they're usually hiding under the paper towel substrate I line the bottom of the cage with...they are quite boring right now.

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When I had crickets, a pet shop boy said tropical fish flakes had all the nutrients they needed. So I tried it with the Discoid roaches I had just after, along with ground cat food and the powder your using and they did very well. Still use the fish flakes for the German I have now. You might now that Flukers also has a water gell. Safer than a water dish and easier than keeping a cotton ball wet. Domino are cool-looking. Harlequin are beautiful. Have fun!

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