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Hi there, my name is Glen and i live in Idaho, I'm an Agronomist by trade, have 3 kids and to many aquariums (Reef and Fresh water). My son has a Beardy and my daughter has a Leopard Gecko, and i hate crickets, enter the roaches. I bought 15 Discoids 4 years ago and really got hooked. I got some Dubia a while back but started to get overrun, kept the discoids which i am partial (more emotional than anything) and sold off the dubia. I just ordered a dozen Peppereds just for fun pets, my 12 year old daughter really likes the roaches but the discoids move a little faster than she likes. I'm hoping the size and slowness of the peppereds make a cool pet and conversation piece. I hoping i get them next week, very exited, both of us.

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Hi Glen: Welcome to the forum!

I agree with Orin, I think your daughter will like the peppereds better.

Peppered roaches are my favorite, they are really very massive!

But what is neat about them is most of the time, they will stay on your hand to walk around with.

The males are a little more active.

Glad to have you here!

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