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Simandoa conserfariam


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Here is a nice pic of my Extinct in the Wild roaches...The white one just molted into adult stage. It's sitting on top of its shed exoskeleton (little bit of brown under its head).


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Awesome! I like your setup way better than mine lol. I'm glad they've been starting to go around and I'm hoping to have a few nymphs to sell once the weather warms up too. 

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18 hours ago, Matttoadman said:

I like these a lot. How would you rate them on shyness?

Relatively shy, but you can easily check on them at night when they become super active. Even during the day when I check there's usually a nymph or two or sometimes even an adult out.


17 hours ago, MrCrackerpants said:

What food do they eat for you? What are their favorites?

I can't speak for what's in the photo, but they absolutely love fruit. Carrots are well accepted too, but they really go crazy when you put a slice of apple in with them. 

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Yes, mine love to eat apples. They also like practically any variety of lettuce. Fish flakes are always appreciated, but I only feed them a couple times a month. Mostly I give them slices of carrot and apple.

They're pretty shy, but I only have 3. They always come out at night! Has taken a long time for them to mature--between 6-10 months. I think they grew a little more quickly in the summer time when the house regularly got up to 76F.

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