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Something that repels hissers/they find disgusting without causing harm?

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My hybrid hissers are being little jerks and chewing on the plastic lid of my enclosure (plotting a long term escape plan?) and I'd enjoy if they stopped doing that. How can I discourage them from doing it? I was thinking about maybe rubbing something on the lid or having something right outside which they don't like to taste or smell, but not bad enough that it stresses them out constantly or may even harm them. What can I do? I don't really want to do the whole Vaseline barrier thing as I really don't mind them up there otherwise either. 

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I do not know of anything that would chase them off, but what type of plastic enclosure do you have? If it is a typical Sterilite storage bin, then I doubt they will be able to make a dent in the plastic. 

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2 hours ago, whowadat said:

You need to keep them fed....no food and they'll start trying to eat through the mesh to get out

Oh trust me, they are very well fed lol. 

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