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Dwarf white isopods vs giganteus nymphs

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My giganteus are finally reproducing here and I am curious to know if dwarf white isopods can cause harm to the nymphs.

The enclosure is somewhat becoming overrun with those dwarf whites... anyone think this could be an issue? They have a good amount of deep substrate and there’s enough food around in both wood chips in the substrate and what I feed them, but I’m worried the isopods might snack on soft growing nymphs if they ever felt like it. At this point I’m hoping the nymphs will snack on the isopods but I’m pretty sure they are scavengers, not predatory hunters.

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Never have seen tomentosa being an issue for roaches, even for newborn and molting.

Isopods readily consume dead bodies, aborted eggsacks, food particles etc, but not living animals.


Cubaris murina in my enclosures can sometimes be too numerous and active, probably pushing some weaker roaches off from the food, but not trichorhinas.

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