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Interesting behaviour you ever observed in captivity


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Hi guys,

Could you share some of the most interesting an unexpected behaviour you ever observed in your coackroach colonies ?  To this point, the most interesting I have observed is the "parenthood" skills of my P. magnifica. They not only carry their baby for the first stade in my colony but even when babies have already left the mother, they keep going on them from time to time (or other females) and I have seen a couple of time some babies stuck for hours on the female face (was she regurgitating to feed it ?).

I'm interested with all kind of observations like this one. 

Best regards,


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For me, it was my adult Blaberus giganteus stridulating and individuals of a couple species seeming to scratch their backs on objects as if they were itchy.

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It was interesting to see my Blaberus giganteus give birth; the babies were literally being "shot" out at a (relatively) high speed.

It is also always funny to see winged species try to fly such as Blaberus and Eublaberus, as though they aren't Panchlora by any stretch, they can still make some good flying leaps.



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Watching Panesthiinae maneuver through and construct their tunnels against the sides of their bins is pretty interesting to watch, never kept this group until recently so it's been a neat experience. Unexpectedly they eat a lot more fruits than I thought they would. 

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