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Need some info on Vampire Crabs


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Hello, long time no see everyone.

I've kind of left the Beetle hobby and only have my dubias and some Eupolyphaga sinensis in terms of roaches but have been enjoying my aquatic inverts and a lovely pair of vinegaroons. I have looked into keeping some freshwater crabs, specifically vampire crabs and while I have found some great sources of info online I have a few specific questions. The biggest of which would be: is it a requirement for all or most species of to be kept in a paludarium type setup? Meaning would they require a substantial amount source of freshwater? Or could I get away with a simple water dish for them to climb in and out of? I'm planning on getting Orin's book on the matter of Vampire Crabs and I'm hoping it will be much more comprehensive than what I can find online.

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I have Orin's book, but I haven't even opened it yet. Still reading others before that.But I will look into your question and try to get the info for you.


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