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Hey All

Bear Foot Inc

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Well guess i should introduce myself! This is Samuel (aka Bear Foot inc) some of you might know me from arachnoboards...

I got into roaches two years ago with lobsters as a cheap way to feed my beardy... after a while i had a ton (like everyone who keeps lobsters. lol) and i started selling some off, after a while i traded some for some hissers... and it went from there! LOL

I know have 11 or 12 species of collectors and feeders, cant even remember what all off hand... From roaches i traded to Tarantulas, and i now have 200+ (had two egg sack's of mine hatch this year, plus about 40ish other pets ones) and as of now i have not bought even on! Just traded up, starting with 100 hisser nymphs... lol

Well thats me, ask any questions you might have...


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Welcome Samuel!

That's pretty impressive to build a large tarantula collection strictly on roach trades. Two years ago I got two young pairs of Nosy Be panther chameleons primarily on a trade for roaches. I think we all underestimate the power of the roach.

I have several different bugs. Had loads of reptiles but sold them to buy roaches. God Bless the Roach! (but don't let the escapees get carried away in my home, please)

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Welcome to the forum Samuel!

We are all at least a little crazy on roaches here!

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