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Do Phorids attack freshly molted roaches?


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I've had 2 bins(none other for some reason) under assault. I'm only finding phorids on dead adults, which made me think the harmless, but annoying type. Now I'm wondering, could they be going after freshly molted roaches? I'm not seeing as many tiny nymphs in those bins so I'm worried they might be killing off my roaches molting into adulthood. Maybe they're just dying from old age too?

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10 hours ago, RosenKrieger said:

That's what it sounds like. I'd venture to guess the lack of nymphs is due to the adults not producing as much as they get older. The production rates should bounce back a bit once some younger adults mature.

Makes sense thank you. I haven't found many nymphs of any size dead. Seems to always be adults. 

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