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New Peresphaerinae species in my collection

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Got new species of Peresphaerinae. These are Corydidarum magnifica, C. tarsalis, C. pygmaeus, C. sp. Japan and Bantua sp. Namibia. In some cultures there are already adults and as a result, there is every reason to expect offspring :)

Corydidarum magnifica



C. tarsalis



C. pygmaeus


Bantua sp. Namibia



Photo by C. sp. Japan I did not publish, since they are outwardly similar to C. pygmaea.


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@Gromphadorhini Very nice, I currently keep Perisphaerus pygmaeus (they were moved back to Perisphaerus in 2018, and the rest of the "Corydidarum" spp. are now in Pseudoglomeris though the cockroach species file has yet to update the site accordingly), and Bantua sp. "Namibia". :) I had the Chinese "Gold" form of Pseudoglomeris magnifica once, though they came to me infested with entomophagous mold, and I briefly had a small amount of Pseudoglomeris tarsalis that I was holding onto for a friend, would really like to get some for myself one day. Eventually I'd like to have every Perisphaerinae in culture... But I suppose that will have to wait. 

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