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Michael Johnson

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Hi Everyone,

I've been looking for a roach forum for a couple of weeks since starting a colony of Dubia. I've bred crickets; which has led me to a vast hatred for the miserable vermin. I also am breeding mealworms currently and plan on getting into hissers most likely soon.

I've owned and bred Leopard Geckos for 4 years and have ventured into Gargoyles and Crested recently.

I've found that the Dubia make the ultimate choice when breeding geckos. I've used crix and mealies for a long time and found after introducing Dubias; not a single one refused.

I'm also fascinated by the little guys and even feel bad when I have to serve them as prey. I haven't been taking a lot out of my colony yet because I want them to get established.

I can't wait to learn more and meet you all!



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Aren't Dubia apart of the Blaberus Species? Blaptica Dubia??

No, they aren't in the same genus. They are in the subfamily Blaberinae with Eublaberus, Hormetica , Archimandrita and a number of other related genera.

Some commonly kept Blaberus species are:

Blaberus giganteus

Blaberus colloseus

Blaberus craniffer

Blaberus discoidalis

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Hi MJ!

Welcom to our forum!

I'm sure you will learn alot here.

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