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Hi from The Netherlands


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Hi all,

I'm Tom van der Ende from The Netherlands 36 years old I do some work for Museums here in the Netherlands and with the University

I’m new inside the cockroaches hobby I have now 24 years experience with scorpions of the genus Tityus also from South America. Because I was looking for roaches from the same area as my scorpions for food I found Firefly Schultesia lampyridiformis and Lobster Roach Henschoutendenia flexivitatta what I use as food now.

Also I saw roaches of the genus Lucihormetica they are beautiful. So I started searching for Lucihormetica species and I register myself as member of the Blattodea Culture Group (BCG) and I come in contact with the person who described Lucihormetica grossei. Now I have 3 Lucihormetica species:

Lucihormetica subcincta

Lucihormetica verrucosa

Lucihormetica grossei

Greetings from The Netherlands

My website:



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Hello and welcome - but, FYI, for some reason the first link you have directs to a site which comes up as "DANGER" both on the WOT scanner and my security software. I closed out immediately.

However, if one does a search for the name you gave the link, the link comes up as OK. So what's up, you're not trying to give us a "bug" are ya? <_<

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Hi Nhewyt,

No the forum put a double http:// for my webside address so that was the reason you get the danger stuff Now I removed the double http and it work perfect.



Aye, I figured some such :lol:

Thought it better to let ya know so you could fix it.

BTW - your Lucihormetica are some beautiful bugs!

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Welcome Tom. Maybe you'll find you like some of the other South American roaches like Blaberus, Archimandrita, Eublaberus, etc.? Lucihormetica is a neat genus but for some reason they are still quite rare in the states (not because of small size, I think many people have trouble getting production on them).

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Welcome Tom,

It´s nice, you´re from The Netherlands because I´m trying to study there for the next year (I´m from Spain and I´m studying Biology). Also, I would like to register in BCG (Blattodea Culture Group): I sent an e-mail some months ago but they never answered me (it was in summer), How did you do? Thanks!

Best regards,


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Hello Tom, i'm Bart, also from Holland.

I'm keeping the following roachspecies:

Archimandrita tessalata

Blaberus discoideus

Blaptica dubia

Gromphadorhina portentosa

Gyna lurida

Panchlora sp. giant

Therea petiveriana

Poetalia Pallida

If you are interested in any of these maybe we can swap animals.

I'm also registered at insectfocus.nl witch has an Blattaria forum. We can conversate there in Dutch : it wouldn't be polite to write Dutch here ;)



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