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While there are some people who stick around in any hobby there are many more who come and go. I'm pretty sure she just came and went.

She once told me (just before she dissappeared) that she was tired of all the hassle, and wanted to reduce what she had to 10 species in small tubs. I think she left the hobby for good as she also stated she had "met a boy" who brought her to question whether or not she "really wanted to keep and or sell cockroaches for the rest of her life".... my impression was she made a decision to follow her heart- that and she was more interested in majoring in Chinese literature in college than anything bug related....

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Well, this is one bug chick that's going to ALWAYS be around as long as insect-related forums exist, whether any of you like it or not. :D Thankfully, my boyfriend is just as bug-crazy as I am.

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