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Are they in captivity?


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wow that is beautiful...ive been to costarica once and went on a night trip thru a canopy bridge and never saw anything ike that...just alot of bullet ants

Eyewitnesses I have spoken to have only seen those and some similar roaches on or near tree trunks base or ground. Several nice species in CR have also been reported stationary on a bathroom wall near the light bulb....

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I wish something like that made it into the hobby. Has there really been any new introductions into the hobby? or u.s.?

As far as I can tell that would require a University or other gov't. approvel USDA holding facility to import them for starters, and that would require them to have some reason to study them, which most studies seem to focus on pest species, and most of those studies are on B. germanica.

Otherwise... ?? ? ? ? ??

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