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Hi from Ohio!


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Hi all I am Melissa and I am from Toledo Ohio. I am in my senior year at Lourdes University, so close to my BS in biology! I am actually doing my senior research project on insects since I have been on a bug kick lately! I have been working with reptiles since 1998, starting with a bearded dragon. Now I have like 35ish geckos (for right now anyways, its breeding season!) which consist of crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, pheluma kochi (hoping to either get standingi or grandis later this year), leopards and a chahoua, then non gecko I have 1 beardie, 1 hypo RTB, 1 grey banded king, 1 northern garter, tiger salamander, 3 tarantulas, my colony of dubias, and next week I will be getting 2 colonies of isopods for my phelsuma tanks. Non cold blooded I have a eclectus parrot named Verde, who is the most spoiled pet possible.

I hope to gain some good info here to help pass on to my other reptile friends on the other forum I am really active on, we are all pretty curious about some of the things we can do for our bugs. I know I spoil mine like they are pets, I enjoy the little critters, and I know many others over there who feed the same way, pretty sad when you become attached to the food!

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Welcome! Just wait till you get a really nice species (for some reason I think B. dubia are the least attractive cockroach out there but there certainly are much prettier species by any standards). Do you ever head over to the Cleveland reptile show? I know there is one in Toledo a few times a year but I heard it was tiny so I never made my way over.

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