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Hi there! My name is Carrie. I use the screename Mouse because I'm short and because I use it on other sites too. I've enjoyed beetles and other insects since I was a little girl (more than six legs creeps me out though :blink:). When I was little, I got to hold a Madagascar Hisser at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was amazing. I can't even explain what the experience was like. A few months ago I finally purchased some of my own from Bugs in Cyberspace. They're so much fun! Unfortunately, my nymphs turned into three males and a female. Wow does the alpha male have attitude! He chases the smallest male around relentlessly. He also puts two legs on one side over the female. I'm about to order a few more females to get him to quit it. I'm deciding tomorrow what other roaches I'm going to purchase. I'm looking into Glowspot and Orin, and maybe Death's Head. I want to keep them together in a 12x12x12 Exo Terra cage. What would be a good number of each? I was thinking of getting 2 kinds (probably Orin and Glowspot) and getting 4 of each to keep with the 6 (3 existing males + 1 existing female + 2 new females) Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Is that a good idea? Too many? Wrong types to keep together? Right now I'm just keeping them as pets, eventually though, maybe when my 10 month old son is 6 years old, I'm thinking about getting a bearded dragon and designating some baby roaches as feeders.

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Hi Carrie!

Aren't roaches THE BEST? I just love them!

For info on keeping different species together search this word combo on the forum: "keep different species together" - some very interesting points!

I have some glowspots. When I first got them they were pretty above-ground active. I only have 3. One would climb to the highest spot in the tank and sit there scanning the airwaves with his antennae. Now they remain under the substrate and I NEVER see them! I did a bug count recently and one of them had done a final molt into an adult and I can't get over the BEAUTY!

I have Question marks, Peppereds and Black Tiger Hissers. They are all nymphs and remain hidden as well! I'm assured that these three species will be more active when they become adults and spend more time above ground.

I'm looking forward to making some "escape proof" habitats and getting some Americans soon!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Art, thanks for the good points! Especially about the glowspots. I think I'll take them off my list for now. What's the point if you don't see them? Are Orins the same way? Hope not, they're gorgeous!

I appreciate the suggestion to search for "keeping different species together." Something I've been considering is, can the roaches climb glass or fly away if there's an aggression issue. Breeding isn't a top priority now, although I'd love to see some roachy kids. I'm also trying to stay away from other hisser varieties so there won't be any mixed breeding.

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Welcome Carrie. I have only been to roaches as pets for about 8 months, but I am addicted. Istarted out with Lobsters and Discoids for feeders a few years ago. Now I have 18 species, and am looking to get a few more over the next month or so. I have Glowspots and I see mine regularly. I don't have real deep substrate, though, but several of my adults are usually out on pieces of wood. The nymphs however, usually stay hidden. There are plenty of people on this forum to help with any questions you might have.

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