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What do you do with all the roaches?

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For example, the porcelain roach can have over 200 young per litter, what do you do with all of them? They don't exactly make good feeders, do they? What I am trying to say is, do roach colonies ever get out of hand?

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As long as you have a decent sized enclosure, Gyna lurida should be fine. They have a TON of babies, but they are so small that a ton of them can fit into one enclosure. I doubt you would have any problem selling them either. Also, they don't live extremely long (like hissers do). I have some Gyna lurida in a 20 gallon vertical terrarium, and they don't seem to overcrowd it. I started with 13 teeny tiny babies a while ago and now I have about 50 in total. The colony doesn't seem to grow very fast either. The nymphs take a while to mature into adulthood. I have a huge leafy plant in my terrarium that the adults love to sit on during the day and bask in the warm lamp I have on top of the enclosure. One of the bad things though when you get a bunch of adults is that at about 10 or 11 at night, they start to fly like crazy all over the terrarium! I don't even bother mess with them at that time of the day.

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Many species can get out of hand and then you risk colony collapse, but Gyna lurida is one of the few you could keep in a small bucket forever without problems (at least 20 years anyway).

That's impressive. How does this species avoid overcrowding? Do they just begin to reduce offspring number after they reach a certain population density?

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