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List of Species in Hobby

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Just wondering whether or not there's a comprehensive list out there for roach species in the hobby? I know that a similar list has been compiled, with breeding records, for mantids. It would certainly be interesting to see how many and what species are out there.

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I do not believe there is, but I think we should make one. It would require a lot of work however, and it is hard to know if and when new species enter the hobby or leave it.

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Here is a start:

1. Arenivaga bolliana = Boll's Sand Cockroach

2. Arenivaga floridensis = Florida Sand Cockroach

3. Archimandrita tesselata = Peppered Roach

4. Attaphila fungicola = Ant Cockroach

5. Blaberus atropos = Atropos Roach

6. Blaberus boliviensis = Bolivian Cockroach

7. Blaberus colloseus = Colossal Cockroach

8. Blaberus craniifer = Death's Head Cockroach

9. Blaberus discoidalis = Discoid Cockroach

10. Blaberus fusca = Dusky Cave Roach

11. Blaberus giganteus = Giant Cave Cockroach

12. Blaberus parabolicus = Peruvian Black Head Roach

13. Blaptica dubia = Guyana Spotted Roach

14. Blatta orientalis = Oriental Cockroach

15. Blatta (Shelfordella) lateralis = Turkistan Cockroach

16. Blattella germanica = German Cockroach

17. Blattella nipponica = Japanese Field Roach

18. Blattella vaga = Field Cockroach

19. Byrsotria cabrerai = Striped Burrowing Roach

20. Byrsotria fumigata = Cuban Burrowing Roach

21. Byrsotria rothi = Roth's Burrowing Cockroach

22. Cryptocercus punctulatus = Brown Hooded Cockroach

23. Deropeltis erythrocephala = Black Velvet Roach

24. Deropeltis paulinoi = Ornate Velvet

25. Diploptera punctata = Pacific Beetle Mimic Roach

26. Dorylaea orini = Orin's Cockroach

27. Ectobius pallidus = Spotted Mediterranean Roach

28 Eurycotis lixa = Hustler Cockroach

29. Elliptorhina chopardi = Dwarf Madagascar Hissing Roach

30. Elliptorhina laevigata = V-horn Hisser

31. Eremoblatta subdiaphana = Hairy Desert Cockroach

32. Ergaula capucina= Burmese Beetle Mimic Cockroach

33. Eublaberus distanti = Six Spotted Roach

34. Eublaberus posticus = Orange Head Roach

35. Eurycotis decipiens = Zebra Cockroach

36. Eurycotis opaca = Giant Yellow Margined Cockroach

37. Eurycotis taurus = Minitaur Roach

38. Gromphadorhina grandidieri = Tiger Hisser

39. Gromphadorhina oblongonota = Wide Horn Hisser

40. Gromphadorhina portentosa = Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

41. Gyna capucina = Pink Cockroach

42. Gyna bisannulata (henrardi) = Patchwork Cockroach

43. Gyna lurida = Porcelain Cockroach

44. Henschoutedenia flexivitta = Giant Lobster Roach

45. Lucihormetica (Hormetica) subcincta = Glowspot Cockroach

46. Holocompsa nitidula = Small Hairy Cockroach

47. Chorisoneura texensis = Small Yellow Texas Roach

48. Ischnoptera deropeltiformis = Dark Woods Cockroach

49. Megaloblatta longipennis

50. Macropanesthia rhinoceros = Rhinoceros Cockroach

51. Nauphoeta cinerea Lobster Roach

52. Neostylopyga rhombifolia = Harlequin

53. Opisthoplatia orientalis = Red and Black Cockroach

54. Plectoptera poeyi = Florida Beetle Cockroach

55. Panchlora nivea = Green Banana Cockroach

56. Panchlora sp. “Giant Panchlora” = Giant Panchlora

57. Panesthia angustipennis spadica

58. Panesthia angustipennis angustipennis = Orange Spotted Cockroach

59. Parcoblatta lata = Broad Wood Cockroach

60. Parcoblatta pennsylvanica = Pennsylvania Wood Roach

61. Parcoblatta virginica = Virginia Wood Roach

62. Parcoblatta zebra = Banded Wood Roach

63. Periplaneta americana = American Cockroach

64. Periplaneta americana ("white eye" strain) = White eye American

65. Periplaneta australasiae = Australian Roach

66. Periplaneta brunneum = Southern brown Cockroach

67. Periplaneta fulginosa = Smoky Brown Cockroach

68. Phoetalia pallida = Pallid Cockroach

69. Polyphaga aegyptiaca = Egyptian Desert

70. Polyphaga saussurei = Saussure's Sand Cockroach

71. Pseudomops septentrionalis = Pale-bordered Field Cockroach

72. Pycnoscelus nigra = Shadow Cockroach

73. Pycnoscelus surinamensis = Surinam Cockroach

74. Parcoblatta caudelli = Caudell's Wood Cockroach

75. Parcoblatta fulvescens = Fulvous Wood Roach

76. Parcoblatta notha = Arizona Wood Roach

77. Parcoblatta uhleriana = Uhler's Wood Roach

78. Rhypharobia maderae = Madieran Cockroach

79. Rhypharobia sp. (ex. Malaysia)= Gold Madieran

80. Schultesia lampyridiformis = Firefly Roach

81. Schultesia nitor

82. Supella longipalpa = Brown-banded Roach

83. Symploce pallens (Synonym S. hospes) = Smooth Cockroach

84. Symploce macroptera

85. Therea olegrandjeani = Question Mark Cockroach

86. Therea (Corydia) petiveriana = Domino Cockroach

87. Latiblattella lucifrons Pale-headed Cockroach

88. Bullet Roach

89. Formosan Sand Roach

90. Hemiblabera tenebricosa= Broad Keys Cockroach

91. Aeluropoda insignis = Flat Horn Hissing Cockroach

92. Archiblatta hoeveni = Hoeven's Cockroach

93. Elliptorhina javanica = Javan Hissing Cockroach

94. Lucihormetica (Hormetica) verrucosa = Warty Glowspot

95. Eurycotis floridana = Florida Skunk Cockroach

96. Eurycotis opaca, type two = Sunset Cockroach

97. Oxyhaloa deusta = Cape Redhead Roach

98. Pycnoscelus striatus = Ember Cockroach

99. Pycnoscelus femapterus = Wingless Female Roach

100. Paratemnopteryx couloniana = Little Goblin

101. Simandoa conserfariam = Simandoa Cave Roach

102. Parcoblatta americana = American Wood Roach

103. Drymaplaneta semivittata = Gisborne Cockroach

104. Corydidarum (Trichoblatta) pygmaea = Pillbug Cockroach

105. Therea regularis = Yellow spotted Domino

106. Eublaberus sp. "Pantanal" = Pantanal Cockroach

107. Ergaula pilosa = Black Beetle Mimic Cockroach

108. Anallacta methanoides = Mauritian Zebrafaced

109. Asiablatta kyotensis = Asian Wood

110. Elliptorhina davidi = Bumpy Hissing Cockroach

111. Eublaberus sp. "ivory" = Ivoryhead Cockroach

112. Eupolyphaga sinensis = Chinese Medicinal Roach

113. Gyna caffrorum = Chrome Cockroach

114. Ischnoptera sp. "Costa Rica" = Strawberry cockroach

115. Little Kenyan Roach

116. Cariblatta lutea lutea = Small Yellow Roach

117. Cariblatta lutea minima = Least Yellow Roach

118. Euthlastoblatta abortiva = Fragile Cockroach

119. Euthlastoblatta gemma = Little Gem Cockroach

120. Parcoblatta bolliana = Boll's Wood Roach

121. Parcoblatta desertae = Desert Wood Roach

122. Parcoblatta divisa = Southern Wood Roach

123. Plectoptera picta = Painted Cockroach

124. Paranauphoeta formosana = Formosan Assassin Mimic

125. Paranauphoeta discoidalis = Indonesian Assassin Mimic

Source: http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1064

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How bout we share the list species of roaches we currently have?

I'll start with mine :

  • Aeluropoda insignis
  • Arenivaga cf. genitalis
  • Arenivaga floridensis
  • Arenivaga tonkawa
  • Blaberidae sp. Kenya
  • Blaberus atropos "FL"
  • Blaberus craniifer
  • Blaberus discoidalis
  • Blaberus fusca
  • Blaberus giganteus
  • Blaberus sp. "Venezuela"
  • Blaptica dubia
  • Blattella asahinai
  • Blattella germanica
  • Blattella vaga
  • Cariblatta lutea lutea
  • Cariblatta lutea minima
  • Corydidarum pigmaea
  • Deropeltis paulinoi
  • Dorylaea orini
  • Elliptorhina laevigata
  • Elliptorhina javanica
  • Epilampra maya
  • Eublaberus sp. "ivory"
  • Eurycotis decipiens
  • Eurycotis floridana
  • Eurycotis lixa
  • Gromphadorhina portentosa
  • Gromphadorhina oblogonota
  • Gromphadorhina oblongonota X Princisia vanwarebackei
  • Gyna bisannulata
  • Gyna caffrorum
  • Gyna capucina
  • Gyna centurio
  • Gyna lurida
  • Ischnoptera bilunata
  • Ischnoptera deropeltiformis
  • Latiblattella cf. rehni
  • Lucihormetica subsincta
  • Lucihormetica verrucosa
  • Nauphoeta cinerea
  • Neoblattella detersa
  • Opisthoplatia orientalis
  • Panchlora nivea
  • Paranauphoeta discoidalis
  • Parcoblatta americana
  • Parcoblatta bolliana
  • Parcoblatta caudelli
  • Parcoblatta cf. desertae
  • Parcoblatta divisa
  • Parcoblatta fulvescens
  • Parcoblatta lata
  • Parcoblatta pennsylvanica
  • Parcoblatta uhleriana
  • Parcoblatta virginica
  • Parcoblatta zebra
  • Periplaneta americana
  • Periplaneta australasiae
  • Periplaneta brunnea
  • Periplaneta fuliginosa
  • Polyphaga aegyptiaca
  • Polyphaga saussurei
  • Pseudomops septentrionalis
  • Pycnoscelus nigra
  • Pycnoscelus surinamensis
  • Rhabdoblatta formosana
  • Rhyparobia cf. capelloi
  • Rhyparobia maderae
  • Schultesia lampyridiformis
  • Simandoa conserfariam
  • Supella longipalpa
  • Symploce macroptera
  • Symploce pallens
  • Therea regularis
  • Therea olegrandjeani
  • Unidentified malaysian roaches

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Good god Cariblatta, you have the largest collection of parcoblatta I've ever seen! :o And Mr.crackerpants, I think that list might be a little out of date.

Here's what I got:

Ergaula capucina

Hemiblabera tenebricosa

Parcoblatta americana

Polyphaga aegyptiaca

Polyphaga saussurei

Therea olegrandjeani

Therea petiveriana

Therea regularis

And I'm gonna make an order from roachcrossing soon, so I'll add some more to the list soon! ;)

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At the Insect Zoo we have:

Lucihormetica subcincta

Lucihormetica verrucosa

Archimandrita tesselata

Rhyparobia maderae

Gyna lurida

Therea petiveriana

Therea olegrandjeani

Byrsotria fumigata

Periplaneta americana

as-yet-unidentified Periplaneta

Nauphoeta cinerea

Pycnoscelus surinamensis

Panchlora nivea

Blaberus giganteus

Blaberus craniifer

Blaberus discoidalis

Blaberus fusca

Blaptica dubia

Eublaberus posticus

Princisia vanwaerebecki

Gromphadorhina portentosa

and have had Elliptorhina laevigata and E. javanica.

I have to say I'm floored at the growth our hobby has seen over the last few years, in members and in species.

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There is a database of world cockroach cultures that anyone can contribute to. I highly suggest everyone here contribute to it, here is the link: http://www.roachbrai...resources/ofajg It is a very cool concept, and I hope more people participate in it!

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Do you have to join drop box to view this? I can't get it to open

I have the same problem, I can't open it on my computer. I can open it on my kindle fire though, if you have any sort of tablet it should work. I wonder why we can't open it...

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Use chrome browser, it opens fine. I knew I should of not looked at this post....

Yeah I use chrome, I was trying to download it and open it but it downloads as a zip file, which my computer can't read unless I buy some new software. Then I saw you could just click on the file and read it.

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