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Hisser tank smells like vinegar?


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I keep my Elliptorhina javanica in a 20 gallon high with a screen lid and a heat lamp. Lately it smells of vinegar. It is kept dry with sheets of oak bark, dead leaves and a thin layer of coco fiber. There is about 50 adults, so plenty of room. The smell didn't appear until I switched from a 75 watt to a 100 watt bulb.

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My hisser tank smells like rotten garlic. :blink: I think it's just the colony's smell, which can probably be affected by diet, temperature, etc. Don't really know how to get rid of the smell, hopefully someone does though.

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My 2 large G. portentosa colonies are in 54-quart Sterlite Gasket Boxes with a full screen top, and they both began to smell like ammonia. There was enough moisture that it was condensing on the sides, and making the coco fiber wet on the bottom, along the sides. Upon a member's suggestion I switched from 4-5 orange slices every other day to apple slices, and for the last 5 weeks have no odor. My colonies of G. portentous are pushing 1,000 each, so the numbers would magnify the problem I suppose.

My E. javanica colony is about 50 adults, and my first hatch of nymphs. I keep them in the same 54-quart size container, and never have had the ammonia smell. They don't require near as much fruit hydration, and I have never had moisture condensation on the sides of the container.

My temperature at substrate level is 90 degrees on both species.

Hope this helps.



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