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Tiny white balls in coco fiber

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So after many months I start to see tiny white balls in my coco fiber. I’m assuming it’s a fungus. I never have seen it in my pantanals but everything else gets it. They clearly avoid those areas. Anything to be done or does that mean the fiber is ready to be changed?

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Probably Leucocoprinus sp. mycelium, comes in with coconut fiber, potting soil, etc. Best thing to do is to sterilize the coconut fiber before use in enclosures, that completely kills any spores, no cleaner crews will touch the stuff. 

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Can cause problems for burrowing species when it turns the substrate into a solid slab of mycelium... Hardy, non-burrowing species won't mind it that much though so long as they've got lots of hides, then you can let the fungus die out naturally. 

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