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Ive never heard of this spiecies too, so when i saw these on some pricelist i bought them instantly.

Its still a nymph , now its about 2,5-3cm but i know that they are growing to a size about 4,5cm-5cm... but i could be mistaken ( ive only seen adults on one photo).

Caring for them is similar to some other Epilamprinae, humidity should be high, temperature around 23celsius, good ventilation, they eat oak/beech leaves as well as fruits...( i need to try dog food )

Their behaviour is very interesting, they can jump ( but only sometimes, for me they've jumped like 3 times) , play dead, and while being anywhere they try to adjust their body shape to the object ( they have very thin front part and they bend to the level of the surface).

Those are only my observations,  i got  them about a week ago....but i love them already.


This is one a little bit older.


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