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Blaberus parabolicus

Shawn H

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No one? Are they that rare in captivity or are they just undesirable in some way to culture?

You have to be a Blaberus collector to really find them interesting (I kept them for more than eight years but gave the culture to a friend a year or so ago). They are notably bigger than a Discoid, are just as easy to rear but look pretty similar. People tend to upgrade to B. giganteus or B. craniifer because of the greater size and color difference.

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B. parabolicus are my favorite Blaberus species.

They are more variable in their color than other Blaberus.

I had some that were light, and others that were almost black.

Mine were from Europe.

I like atropos also, but i think parbolicus are nicer looking.

I guess its all how you see them.

Yes James might have them.

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Ok cool thanks guys, they sounded like good feeders to me because I've heard they reproduce pretty fast for a large sp. It's also nice that they arn't climbers. I was just wondering why they were not more commonly kept. Maybe they are common and just arn't very talked about. Craniifer are great but I have them more as a pet colony then feeder.

What do the people who keep tarantulas here prefer to use for sling food? I know many roach species would work but whats your favorite for spiderlings 1/4'' to 2''?

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The B. parabolicus I had were originally from Peru and the adult coloration was not variable. That should be the same stock that James at Blaberus has. I have no idea what the so called 'parabolicus' from 'Europe' would look like or where the stock actually originated.

Shawn H - none of the Blaberus speices can climb glass or smooth plastic. Firefly roaches work great for small slings.

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