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Gromphadorhina portentosa


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That is really a great photo. I've seen them hiding under the female's abdomen a number of times but never sitting on top like that.

Yeah we have seen them under the females too. Actually theres a female with new nymphs under her now. We stopped counting after 50+ :o I'll try to get a few more pics like it posted in the next day or two.

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Thats an awesome photo. Do you have any photos of her right before she had the babies? I think one of my hissers is pregnant, but I'm not sure since I'm a total roach noob. lol

No i really wish we did though :( But i can try to get some pics of some pregnant females for ya though. We have lots of them. :rolleyes:

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Thought i would show you all the roach motels I built for our breeder tanks.

In the slots I added 1/4 inch wood. I can make the walls as tall or as short as I need to.

So far they work great for maximizing space and seems :rolleyes: to have increased productivity in our B.dubia and G.portentosa colonies.



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