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I also keep millipedes.

Currently i have Afrian giant blacks, Thailand rainbow, and Bumblebee.

I am waiting for my female AGB to have her first clutch of eggs, she has bred 3 times so far.

May not sound like much, but i'm kinda new to millipedes, so I am a little excited.


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Besides roaches millipedes are among my favorite invertebrates.

At the moment I keep the following species:

Spirostretida sp. "Burma millipede"

Spirostreptida sp. "Ghana yellow banded"

Apeuthes sp. " Thailand red banded"

Ommatoiulus sp (Spain)

Julida sp. (Canada)

Diplopoda sp. (Cameroon)

Archispirostreptus sp.? (Cameroon)

Spirobolida sp. (Taiwan)

Spirobolus sp (Japan)

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Hey Graham: Do you currently keep any millipedes?

If not what species did you keep?


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