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Favorite roach!

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Mine is Archimandrita tesselata, the peppered roach.

I think they are really cool, they make a great display specimen just because of their size!

I would pick one up, put it on my hand, and it would just stay there while i walked around with it.

What is your favorite and why?

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I'd have to say my favorite species that I have kept so far would have to be B. dubia mostly because of the individual personality differences, they are also a great feeder roach, and at this time all of my roaches are feeders.

My favorite that I haven't kept yet would be domino roaches.

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Easy one for me. Ergaula capucina! Maybe because it sounds and looks like a cappuccino with a swirl of cream (male has a beige band). The female is so beetle-like. Anybody out there have these in culture? Been a good seven years since I've seen them :(



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Here are a couple of my wifes babies. Of course these are all females...... :blink:


Picturemass035.jpgAbout to molt...... ;)

The big males ran into the roach motel we built and could not get them for a photo oppurtunity , pictures coming soon. Those guys are way bigger than the females hehehehe :lol:

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Wow! Those are some long hissers! I don't think I have any that look quite like that.

It's hard to pick a favorite roach. I like my Archmandrita tesselata a lot though. My nymphs are giant. I can't wait to see what the adults look like. They're really active too and don't mind me watching them eat.

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