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what isopods do you keep?


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Thank you, for the information. Do you feel it is safe to use P.pruinosus as a clean up species in centipede and scorpion tanks?

They should be fine with scorpions and centipedes. It may be a good idea to keep an eye on them while they molt though, and make sure the isopod number never get too high.

I will say, however, that they are not a good species to keep with roaches or anything else with similar food sources, because I have had pruinosus overpopulate and outcompete roach species if given enough food. They should be fine with large predators because there would be a much more limited food source.

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I do not believe any roach will eat an isopod, unless it was molting and the roaches were starving.

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Idk why but my Ischnoptera bilunata (both adults and large nymphs) seem to enjoy eating A. vulgare even though I provide enough food.

Really!?!?!? I've never heard of roaches eating isopods, shows how much I know! :lol:

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Finally on the board lol. I have T. tomentosa and O. asellus, but hoping to pick up a couple more neat species when things warm up some.

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Well .... I've officially joined the Isopods Mafia ....I keep the following:

Giant Orange

Costa Rican Dwarf Purples

Dwarf Whites

Multi strip dwarfs

Temperate Springtails ( not sure what temperate means )

Giant Springtails ( these are really huge )

Sorry I don't know latin names. I've ordered two Isopod books on ebay which should give me a good knowledge. These isopods seem to be as addicting as roaches.

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I have a group of free roaming giant springtails. I originally put them in my A. avic cage. Then they all moved into my millipede cage. Then one day they were all gone and I eventually found them thriving under the water bowl in my turtle cage lol.

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Not sure if I ever posted pics here of these guys, but I'll post them anyway. :) These are my favorite isopods I currently own, a "Pied" morph of Cylisticus convexus that I isolated from individuals I caught here in Idaho.

Here are some pictures of them mixed in with normal individuals:




The isolating process is taking a while, they were mixed in with normal ones so the females are still producing brown offspring. One of the recent babies looks normal but has a white antenna, so it looks like they are finally starting to produce "Pied" individuals! :)

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