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New species in Europe

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Dear Roachkeepers,

I am a member of a European roach fan group on Facebook and early in the month someone posted a photo about a new species.

Here is the picture:


Someone said it is Gyna caffrorum (Stål, 1856) from South Africa. What do you think about it? I have never saw this species in hobby before.


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I recently got hold of these along with G. lurida, and they are very neat indeed. The few adults I have appear a little smaller than lurida. In time I hope to get my hands on the other two Gyna that are doing the rounds so far.

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Are you in the U.S.? : )


I'm afraid not. But if it's any consolation G. capucina and G. bisannulata are not common in Europe, as I far as I can tell. But maybe easier to find in the States?, if so you might be one Gyna species richer then over here.

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Great. They are beautiful. Take good care of them.

The care sheet is the same as for Gyna lurida :)

Available for sale here:


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