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Anyone here from Arachnoboards?


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Im on there, aswell as a bunch of other forums

dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.bugnation.co.uk

dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.rfuk.co.uk

dEsSiCaTa_UK === www.ukmantisforums.co.uk

Deroplatys ===== www.arachnoboards.com

Morpheus uk ==== www.mantidforum.net

Morpheus_UK ==== www.phasmidforum.com

Dessicata_UK ====www.chelicera.org

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So people know, if they didn't already, not that I am a popular person or anything, :mellow:

:D I am also on arachnoboards as CodeWilster.

Same name here, ATS, SFBATS, SCABIES, and I can't remember if I signed up anywhere else!

I must say that of all those I like this site the best when it comes to the people and for many other reasons. I often wish things would pick up though (for other members coming here from AB you know what I mean) We need to spread this hobby like a disease as a lot of people don't know what they are missing! (I didn't!)

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